"The Whole Enchilada"  from Caribbean Car Wash and Spa Hurry all deals expire at noon Chrismas Eve.

Christmas is about 48 hours from now. In the spirit of the season I am offering you my best deal ever. Until noon on Christmas Eve you will receive the following:

( Hurry: All Promotions End at noon December 24, 2005.)

1.$50 off our GOLD WORKS WASH pass.Its normally $149. For this limited time offer, that unlimited 6 month pass for our most popular wash is just $99! If you wash your vehicle just once a week, that's more than HALF off of the regular price---and you're not limited to one wash per week, either! Come in every day if you like!

2.$50 off our best pricing of window tinting. This is the repeat of the special we have been running this month: 

Looking for a gift that will provide pleasure for years? Window tinting may be the answer!  Besides adding a great custom look, modern window films

  • Keeps you cooler in the summer
  • Improves security, making it harder for thieves to look in at night;
  • Increase privacy, especially for woman
  • Virtually eliminate exposure to ultraviolet rays (and the fading and deterioration they cause); and
  • Holds shards of broken glass in case of an accident

To make it easy, through December 24 we’re offering special “no-need-to-shop” pricing on Llumar® film—the world’s best!  We’ll tint any car for $169 and any SUV, van or large truck for just $189!

Bring this email when you purchase a gift certificate.

We’ll give you a FREE WORKS PLUS wash, too!

Special Bonus Just In:

The 117 Gifts of Christmas  All FREE and something for everyone.Click Here

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

Jeff Pawlik, Owner
Caribbean Express Car Wash & Spa

P.S. Want to learn more about window tinting? Read our complete Consumer Guide to Window Tinting—it’s FREE!