Bumper Repair Service

Car Wash and Spa can repair a damaged plastic bumper without replacing the entire bumper, saving you hundreds of dollars. We fix damage ranging from scratches and cracks to rips and holes. Most repairs can be completed in less than an hour and your bumper repair--whether painted or textured--will be virtually undetectable!


  • Convenient - Repairs can be made at your home or in our service bays
  • Save $100’s - Our average repair cost is far less than a body shop, usually less than $200 vs. $500-$1,000 at a body shop
  • Fast - Our skilled technicians can repair the damage the same day, even while you wait
  • Guaranteed - 100% satisfaction guaranteed for as long as you own your car


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Car Wash and Spa repair a damaged plastic bumper?

In a typical repair, we'll begin by sanding the damaged area.  As required, we apply light coats of flexible polyester filler, wet sand the area, apply primer, and then follow up with additional wet sanding.  After Car Wash and Spa creates the perfect color match, a base coat is applied with an additional clear coat of glossy polyurethane.  Car Wash and Spa is able to isolate and paint only the damaged area without unnecessarily removing it from the vehicle.  The repair is 100% guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

How does Car Wash and Spa match the color?

Whether you bring your car into our service bay or have a visit from one of our mobile units, our trained technicians will match your original color to perfection.  Every car has a code that references the specific colors used in the original paint.  Car Wash and Spa has access to these codes and uses this information to accurately match the color of the new material. We use most of the same materials and chemicals used by body shops and dealers.  Unlike many shops, however, Car Wash and Spa only uses PPG paint - which is the paint used by most car manufacturers.

How is the Car Wash and Spa process better than a "bondo" repair?



"Bondo" is designed primarily for metal repairs and when used on plastic it can crack and peel. Our process involves application of a  flexible polyester filler which is designed specifically for bumpers and plastic car parts and won't crack or peel over time.