The Secret To Cutting Your Car Wash Cost in About Half Plus..How You May Actually Make Money Having Your Car or Truck Washed At Caribbean Express Car Wash and Lube

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in this information. I am pleased to offer a program for all my customers who take pride in a clean, protected, well maintained car or truck.

I know your vehicle is important to you. I also know you feel better when you climb into a freshly cleaned and waxed vehicle. It seems to run better and people notice your car or truck and also notice you.

Here is a piece of information you may not have known. The person who keeps a new car or truck four years well maintained with weekly or bi-weekly wash, undercarriage cleaning and waxing generally receives more than $1,000 additional value when they trade their car or truck. Now that means that our WORKS PLUS annual package program is likely to cost you nothing or at least very little over the 3 or 4 years you are likely to keep your vehicle.

OK, but what about that 50% reduction in your car wash costs that was promoted with this report. Well here is how that works: buy our WORKS PLUS package for $299.00, have your vehicle serviced with our best program that includes: pre-hand wash, wash, uncarriage blast, protectant and tripple foam polish as often as you want and about every 5 days or so and your cost per service is CUT IN HALF.

Here is a summary of our package deals:

   Reg. Price 6 Pak Coupon  6 Month Pass 12 Month Pass

Works Plus


 $9.00  $54  $169  $299


"Gold "

 $8.00  $48  $149  $279



 $6.75  $42  $129  $259

Thank you for your business. I welcome your comments and if you say something nice about us, you might be added to our web site. "How bout that?"

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Jeff Pawlik, Owner

Caribbean Express Car Wash and Lube