Detailing Services 



What is Detailing?

Detailing is a contemporary term for auto reconditioning. Simply put, detailing is the cleaning of each minor part of a vehicle. It is believed the word "detailing" was coined in southern California where many auto reconditioning craftsman (detailers) would cosmetically prepare a car for auto shows

Full Service Detailing vs. Express Detailing

Full service detailing is more of a restoration service whereas express detailing is more of a maintenance service. Full service detailing (restoration) should be done every 1-2 years and takes approximately 4-8 hours to complete. Express detailing (maintenance) should be done every 60 days and takes approximately 1/2 hour

Free Report: Consumer Guide To Detailing Click Here

Full service detailing can include: custom washing; road tar removal; trunk cleaning & shampoo; carpet & upholstery shampoo; fabric protectant; paint finish wax & power polishing; and paint touch up.

Express detailing is limited to services such as: custom washing; clay bar surface prep; wax/sealant; leather, vinyl, and rubber protectants; tire shine; chrome polish; and windshield chip repair.

Detailing Services


Express Detail: .......Recommended every 2-3 months

 $29.95  $44.95 Oversized (taller than 66 inches or more than 4 doors)




checkmark Inside and out
checkmark Keeps your car fresh
checkmark Takes 45 minutes
checkmark No appointment needed









What We Do........


  • Car wash with hand prep
  • Hand wax
  • Polish exterior trim
  • White walls
  • Wheel clean
  • Wheel clean
  • Tire Shine 
  • Interior Vacuum 
  • Windows inside & out
  • Armoral  ┬« dash and console
  • Choice of scents


Gold Package.......Recommended every 2-3 months

 $99.95  $149.95 Oversized


Deep Cleaning

checkmark Takes 4-5 hours
checkmark Appointment suggested






What We Do: All of The Above Plus


  • Clay bar paint preparation
  • Shampoo mats
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Shampoo upholstery


Platinum Package.......Recommended every 12-24 months


Includes 3 FREE

carwash certificates

a $27 value!

$189.95 Oversized

Includes 6 FREE

carwash certificates

a $54 value!


Lasting protection

checkmark Takes all day
checkmark Appointment suggested







What We Do: All of The Above Plus


  • Long lasting polish
  • Armorall┬« complete interior
  • Leather seat treatment
  • Fabric protectant
  • Wheel Sealer
  •  Windshield sealer