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The Lady’s Guide to Auto Detailing

When you think of your car’s exterior as skin, it’s a lot easier to appreciate the need for regular care and to understand detailing (no matter how hard guys try to make it sound alien).

The first step in a facial is cleansing, right? It’s the same with your car, only it’s called a car wash. Next, you would use a lightly abrasive material to exfoliate. On your car, its “buffing” and its done with a power tool and very mild abrasives. Sometimes a younger car can get by with less exfoliation, and its called “clay bar prep.” Hint: Think of a very, very mild buckwheat bar or pumice stone.

Once the old skin is removed, the next step is enriching the newly exposed skin with lotions,
so that it looks fresh and healthy. In the shop, we apply lotion-like polishes that fill the paint’s pores (really!) Like lotions, some are cheap and short-lived, while others cost more and last longer.

Finally, to protect your skin outdoors, you’d apply sunblock. Likewise, you’d apply a protectant to your car. Most folks think of “wax,” but today it’s usually a polymeric substance with just a touch of carnauba wax (that’s mostly for marketing, not function).

How much detailing is enough?

Just as with skin care, detailing begins with an evaluation of the individual. How old is your vehicle? Do you keep it garaged? Was it neglected? Different detail packages address different degrees of need. An express detail is like applying lotion to parched skin—it helps immediately, but is no substitute for deep cleaning and regular care.  Likewise, you’ll take more precautions in extreme weather—both summer and winter.

So that’s it. Take care of your car’s skin, and it will reward you with many years of service!

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