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Your basic wash kit should include:

  • A natural sponge, which is easier on paint that the synthetic ones
  • Solvent(s) for tar, tree sap, etc.
  •  Mild automotive soap
  •  Cotton towels (terry towels are best)
  •  Cotton diapers or soft rags
  •  Trigger sprayer for garden hose
  •  Chrome or mag wheel cleaner
  •  Vinyl protector
  •  Upholstery cleaner for fabric or leather, an appropriate vinyl cleaner for interior

  Helpful wash tips:

·         NEVER attempt to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Instead, place the vehicle in the shade and rinse it down first with cool water before washing. The water will cool down the car and loosen up the surface dirt. 

·         Wash one section at a time, rinsing with cool water as you work to keep soap from drying on the finish. Start with the top and work down.

·         Don't rub stains. Remove tar and tree sap with a rag dipped in kerosene or other solvent.

Waxing supplies include: 

·         Clay bar (to remove overspray, tree sap and other contaminants)

·         Spray bottle of water

·         Carnauba wax

·         Terry covered sponge applicator

·         Soft rags (bathroom towels or cotton diapers work best)

·         Detail spray (to finish and for “touch-ups” to keep the shine fresh)

Helpful waxing tips:

·         According to Consumers Reports Magazine, waxing four times yearly is preferred. Choose a wax that suits the car's finish: Most vehicles today have a base coat/clear coat finish that require a gentle, non-abrasive type.

·         Never apply wax in direct sunlight -- always work in the shade.

·         Choose a warm (not hot) day and start early. This will give the wax a chance to dry to a haze before any evening dampness sets in. 

·         Rub all painted surfaces with the clay bar, keeping the surface wet so the bar doesn’t stick. Allow 30-45 minutes for the entire vehicle.

·         Once the surface is prepared, apply wax with a damp, terry covered sponge applicator to a small section at a time, then buff to a high luster with a soft diaper when hazy and dry. 

·         For the wheels, use appropriate chrome or mag wheel cleaner, then shine the tires with a vinyl protector like Armor All.

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