Window Tinting Services 

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You already know that window tinting:

  • Enhances your vehicle’s appearance while reducing in-coming heat
  • Eliminates exposure to ultraviolet rays (and the fading and deterioration they   cause);
  • Improves security, making it harder for thieves to look in at night;
  • Increases privacy, especially for women; and
  • Helps hold shards of broken glass in the event of an accident.

But, choosing a window tinting company isn’t easy.

Why? Because you’ve been bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims and simply a lot of bad information. We simplify the process at Caribbean Express by:

  • Cutting the film by computer for a precision fit
  • Using only the highest quality film from the world’s largest manufacturer—Llumar®--that’s guaranteed for the life of your vehicle
  • Using only highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Unconditionally guaranteeing your satisfaction with a 90 day, risk-free money back guarantee
  • Competitive prices
  • Giving you 6 free WORKS PLUS car washes with any complete tint—a $54 value!

What’s Legal in Missouri?

As summarized in publication SHP-510 B published by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in March, 2002

Windshield Unallowable window tinting (besides the upper portion normally tinted by the manufacturer of motor vehicle safety glass

Rear: Allowable window tinting 95% without a permit.

Driver’s & Front Passenger:Allowable window tinting 35%, plus or minus 3%, or more light transmittance, and can be tinted darker with prescription and permit.

Services   Each

Windshield Strip $25

Rolldown Windows  
 2 door $40
 4 door $35

Wing Windows   
Standard $30
Van/SUV $35
Mini $20

Rear Window   
Pickup $60
Pickup Slider $90 
SUV/Van $60 
Sedan  $40 
Sedan Large  $50 
Hatchback $120 

Film Removal $85